Which features from main Harry Potter games you want to see in Wizards Unite?


My favorite feature by far is the spell drawing feature from PC games. Sure, it was super clunky with a mouse, but it looks like a natural fit for mobile, especially when you check how it’s implemented in the recent Hogwarts Mystery game!

What’s your pick? Quidditch?


Yes! The spell-tracing would be amazing. I have also seen ideas of a bluetooth-type stylus (wand) that works similar to the wands at Universal Studios…Where it can follow what you trace in the air with the wand…That would be interesting!


I want to collect Chocolate Frog cards. It would be cool if these had region exclusives, like in PoGo, and if players could trade them. One of my favorite aspects of PoGo is collecting Pokémon when I travel. It’s not even about the specific type, but the location stamp. I also like seeing my gym badges and where I’ve been. Chocolate Frog cards could work in a similar way. A virtual collection of souvenirs!

This was a pretty small part of the early HP PC games, but it has potential.


I LOVE the idea of the Wizard Cards, as I’ve stated in one of our vids, haha. I really hope they implement something with the collectible chocolate frogs…Location stamps would be great!


I think the location stamps would be swell! I have played almost every single AR game like PoGo, and there’s a game that came out 6 months ago called Maguss. It’s a knock-off of Wizards Unite and has a lot of Harry Potter material (so I think they could even face law suit on some things) but if you play it, you can get a sense for some things that would be cool. There is a spell trace part on the game which is neat.

The unique thing that I think would be great as well is the potion making they have in that game. Not only does the game have you collect the materials out there in the wild, you have to gain the knowledge of the potions, and sit with the potions to brew them. From there you need to wait for the potions to finish making and they help out with things like HP regain and finding more monsters frequently.

Another cool aspect of this game unlike any others, is the monsters actually move around the place! This is something that is really good for somebody who lives in a location that really doesn’t have much of pokestops and gyms. They can still do some game things in the neighborhood or even at their house.

Now in recent events and rumors about PvP in Pokemon Go, there are a lot of negative feedback reviews on the magic dueling in this game, due to some perks and classes being over powering compared to others So i’m hoping if dueling is included, there will be a big thought about making sure all houses and spells have chances at winning.

Another thing I would love to see would be the ability to have check-ins during some points of the day. These check-ins would basically be classes, and these classes would possibly gain your house points for the year. Winning the house cup would be a huge thing I would imagine in this game and by doing your part you could gain points. I think the possibility of losing points may not be in here but it would be cool to see house points nonetheless.


At the moment spell drawing, creature collecting and battling other enemies will be amazing, but the quest feature must include a sort of learning process. The Teams (Housing System) will be the most difficult thing to guess, but I am sure it will be interesting.


Holly molly, this would be amazing - just the idea of brewing your own magical potions is super exciting, not to mention the game play implications! We could have herbalists, collectors, brewers and regular mages all participating in this AR trading efforts :open_mouth:


As the days keep coming along, i’ll keep bringing in more ideas that I would love to see, so sorry if it’s somewhat spam.

As a House idea, I think it would be cool if each city, or at least larger cities and capitals, had a specific location for houses to meet and greet and also get perks for grouping up together! For instance, if there were 4 locations throughout downtown that people could migrate to their own residing house, and then not only know locally who else is apart of their house, but could group up for house point based activities.

On top of that, if there was a house thing, it would be cool to see upgrades throughout the houses, due to how often people are bringing back in points and/or checking in to that location to try and gain perks possibly. (i.e. a little extra “stardust” or a little extra “berries”. using those names as examples)


I know this is not apart of the other games. But it is something I would love to see. If they have factions/teams in the game I would like to see some options for more than just Hogwarts houses. Add inother schools ones we know and even new ones through the world. I have always wanted more canon on the other schools in the wizarding world