What is your biggest fear that might happen with the game?


I have been playing Niantic games since the Ingress beta. Niantic is a great company, and John Hanke has been revolutionizing whatever he works on. Whether its changing the way maps work (google earth and google maps) or the way you sightsee (Filed Trip), or the way mobile games work (Ingress, Endgame: Proving Ground, Pokemon Go). However I do have some fears about the game.

  1. WB Games San Francisco, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., and/or PORTKEY GAMES, hold back Niantic from doing what they want with the game. The way TPC, Game Freak, Creatures, and Nintendo has done with Niantic and Pokemon Go.

  2. They (all companies involved) will focus on a gimmicky gameplay vs an in-depth story and lore or ignoring cannon lore. I really am hopping for a new story that is cannon, if it includes new ways to play even better. However not at the cost of story and lore.

Do you have any fears about the game?


My worst fear is that they delay the game until next year (2019) and also if the game play is anything like the tried and failed Wizard AR game currently available. Bad interface, Bad loading and complete chaos playing the game.

But if all the new developments and new input Niantic has from all the new AR, VR and Other Reality fields come together smoothly, it will be a blast!!!

Also let us just hope they stay on course with the original storyline, characters and creatures making all things Rowling so amazing!!!


You mean Maguss? Indeed, Maguss ended up being a bugfest, with bad UI and simply poor performance even on top end devices.

I don’t think it will end up like that tho, Niantic has around 160 employees scattered around Ingress Prime, Pokémon GO and Wizards Unite - that’s more than Maguss ever had.

Plus, Niantic is building on top of their Real World Platform, which is something that devs are intimately familiar with (it’s their product after all).

We should be safe on the quality side.


I agree that with Niantics resources we should be fine with quality. My fear is that they underestimate the popularity that this game could gain though, like it happened with PGO. The starting issues with PGO caused a lot of my friends to stop playing even though they were initially really hyped for the game. I really hope that Niantic learned from that.


@WizardsUniteSA @Veritarix
I don’t think we will have that issue. Niantic has learned and I don’t think WB/Harry Potter people would underestimate the popularity. Last time Nintendo thought pogo would be small and so Niantic also thought pogo would be small. A Niantic employee I talked with had told me that Nintendo thought pogo was going to be a small niche game that only a couple thousand of people would play.


My worst fear, to be completely transparent, is that this game isn’t what we are expecting at all and the other companies now involved in this game decide to add in more transactional sales to make more money.

In a game called Destiny, halfway in the game Activision had added in micro transactions to not just get cosmetic items, but a few small things that end up being slightly better in some features like Sparrows.

Destiny 2 comes out and it’s like you can completely dump money into all cosmetics and unfortunately still get a few things that can be slightly advantageous of people who don’t spend money at all.

If this game for instance comes out with the micro transactions of like being able to spend money on your gear and the gear had extra perks to it like 𝐀𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐜𝐤/Health Point Gain, that would be somewhat overpowering. I highly doubt it but I was also wrong with the creators of Destiny (Bungie) letting Activision make that call for more funds.


Niantic micro transaction in their games but due to the way the games are open ended (their is no end game) its not really pay to win.


Exactly, but the worry is more like “If these new-coming partnering companies try pushing a slight ‘pay-to-win’ feeling to give a distinct difference in terms of actual stats and dueling and such” is what I feel like I should have said.
Niantic is great with Pokemon Go, the transactions don’t give you an extra advantage against other people besides level gain. Seeing how there’s no current direct PvP, this doesn’t matter. With WU, there might be Dueling, so there could be a slight advantage if they push some extra costs to get more stats against your opponent, which would be worrisome.


At the moment I pay quite a bit of money, and money is not easy to come by here in our country, BUT… POGO is actually very cheap and you don’t need to buy anything to play. It is actually helping some people here, believe it or not. We have trainers that would have used the money to buy booze, now they buy google play vouchers for the game.


That’s actually amazing! :slight_smile: On the topic… do you feel like it would be beneficial for the game to have a comprehensive cosmetics store or not?


Maybe a little bit, but not too much, otherwise it will become SIMS!! Maybe just enough to let the player create his / her own image. The part in Hogwarts Mystery is already becoming too much


100% agree with you there.

  • I think, the biggest fear of mine that might happen to the game is P2W (pay to win)
  • I mean we’ll have to pay in-game currency to upgrade our inventory space, upgrading wands (sounds a little un-true but other games has non-sence stuffs added to their game too),…
  • Or the money we spend just to look like a Pureblood rich person. Don’t get me wrong, I mean making ingame money very important is really not a good way to build a community.
  • Second is cheaters all over the place

Those are the biggest fear of mine that might happen to the game