Welcome to Wizard Central, a unique Wizards Unite Forum 🧙


What is Wizards Central?

Wizards Central is a forum, an online community and a safe haven for Wizards Unite players. It’s a special place where strong discourse and research takes place. We deeply condone trolls, verbal aggression and escalation of offense. This is an opinionated community, focused on providing a safe haven for everyone who is deeply invested in the game and the Wizarding World lore.

What should I know about this place?

  • Any content that’s posted on the forums is solely owned by the author of the content.
  • We are very strict about speculative and sensationalist content. It is allowed to post it only if it’s marked with [Speculation] or [Sensationalist] tags in the title.
  • Trolling, dissing, attacking fellow forum members is not allowed on Wizards Central.
  • Post only verified research, news items and content pieces from sources that have been vetted

How can I help with the forums?

  • Apply as a moderator by messaging @wizardsunitehub
  • Promote the forum in real life and in your Discord community
  • Promote our Community Guidelines and help other forum members abide them
  • Be active, show up regularly and participate in the disucssions
  • If you see something newsworthy, share it
  • If you see something clickbaity / sensationalist, report it

Formal introduction

Wizards Central is a Wizards Unite forum that is aimed as a general discussion and research board for Wizards Unite enthusiasts and Harry Potter loving AR gamers. You can find a wide assortment of communities and voices here and it’s intended to provide an additional layer of engagement for players who already love Wizards Unite.

In order to participate in the forums, you must be aware of the rules we abide by:

  • Does your reply improve the conversation in some way? If not, don’t post it.

  • Be kind to your fellow community members.

  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas , not people

  • No misleading titles. No click bait titles. No offensive titles.

For more, see our community guidelines.