[Speculation] Combat in Wizards Unite could look like Niantic's Codename: Neon tech demo


We currently believe that Niantic’s Codename: Neon tech demo features AR interaction between multiple trainers together with a working HP system, tap / swipe? to fire mechanic and apparently a territory control element. We’re not sure what the area under player represents, however, players do seem to walk in circles targeting those areas.

The whole clip is here:

And here’s a crazy gif that represents a whole out battle:

Now, this is a fully fleshed out targeting and collision system in place, in Augmented Reality and it’s running on Apple’s iPhone 8 and a Pixel 2, a state of the art Android device. This is quite unusual, as these demos usually were presented only on iPhone devices - the inclusion of a modern Android device is quite intriguing.

Pixel 2 is an AR Core enabled device, so we guess this demo runs on AR Core and ARKit.


So the funny thing is that most of the unique videos here are ACTUALLY running, if I saw right, ARKit 2, which is a new feature of Apple that was able to be used by companies for a few months (possibly even longer for development reasons) ARKit 2 has a huge improvement compared to ARKit and should be a sign that Niantic has just been waiting to add this feature and wait for its release.

The New iPhones will be coming out next week as well, along with iOS 12. I believe that this may be the final push for Niantic to push the green light due to iOS 12 performance upgrade. Unsure of Andriod’s software hardware from developers I am unsure of how this works on their end but if they have something coming out really soon, then I can see Niantic waiting for their stuff to come out as well so both sides of the coin have a chance at maximum performance for this game.


It sounds true that Nia are waiting for Apples ARkit, so they can now start the beta test.
In Ingress and Pokémon Go it was beginning about 3 months before official start.
I dont think it will be released in 2018 :frowning:


With new technology comes new hardware. The biggest issue with that is compatible devices. In a country like mine this will be a MASSIVE blow to all the fans.
If you need the latest device you will spend R15 000 to R25 000 in SA, with the average income at only R6000 pm.
Let us hope this will be a stage-by-stage roll out like POGO so that everyone can get up to date.

So far the requirements of Codename: Neon is okay on most fairly new devices as they already got the processing power and tech needed.


Just to clarify the tech requirements for this one:

  • In order for AR Core to work, you need to have a newer Android device, with new and properly calibrated sensor that AR Core uses. Google’s developers said this on Github in respect to sensor requirements (link):

We don’t require custom sensors ala Tango, but there are some hardware and software requirements. For example, phones must include a gyro, have certain timestamping behaviors, etc.

As a result, most of the devices that launched in 2018 and later should be AR Core capable, regardless of what the official support page states at the moment. Galaxy S9 with AR Core works perfectly, while my One Plus 3T test device works terribly (tested with JW Alive AR camera which uses AR Core).

In short, if they opt in to use AR Core, it will be like PoGO AR in the early days, with some users having a great experience and other barely making it work.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if there is any alternative to AR Core / AR Kit that devs could rely on.