Niantic keeps hinting Wizards Unite left and right


So far we’ve seen two major leaks / acknowledgments :slight_smile: The first came straight from NIA’s VP of Marketing in a reddit thread, and now Hanke addressed it in a blog post on NIA’s blog. Not to mention that their headliner demo looks like magical combat with wands!

Your thoughts? Let’s get some links here to spur discussion:


The big issue with this is the hype, This will go away if they do not release the game this year. People are funny things. They often hear or read only what they want.
All the signs are there for HPWU to come out in 2018, even if they did not follow the same roll out procedure as the previous games. Remember it is not only Niantic now, they have new team players that also has a say in the roll out strategy.

We will do our best to be positive for the release in 2018 as we are hardcore Rowling fans!!!


Really hoping it fits in the Q4 of 2018, a 2019 release would deflate a lot of the hype for the franchise, plus there’s the Fantastic Beasts movie coming out in November, which could be a good marketing tie in.


This might be part of the plan yes, As POGO and Ingress is scaling down a little


Ingress just released prime and pogo is having pokestop submission beta, making changes to ex-raids, getting ready for the next gen, as well as prepping and advertising Pikachu/Eevee switch games. Neither are really slowing down. However, Harry Potter and Wizarding world franchises have been revving up with multiple games, movies, theme park updates. I expect we will see and hear more in the next month or so.