[Megathread] Introduce yourself


Antonio, Gryffindor, nickname Zeroghan. I started GO Hub in 2016 and been with it since the beginning. Now just lurking on WU Hub’s forums and enjoying the community. I hate cucumbers and I really love coffee and peanut butter. Living in Croatia, age 27, if you’re in the vicinity we can have a beer! :slight_smile:


What is up Witches and Wizards?!?!

Super hyped to be here with the Wizarding community. I am a Slytherin :snake: passionate about making quality content for the community.

You can follow my adventure on YouTube and tag along for some fun an excitement! (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2DujyYJm8aLDQShw3mWWPg) See you soon :call_me_hand:t3:

A little about me; I like specialty coffee and exploring new places. I’m a big advocate for trying new things and enjoying shared experiences.


Hey @SlytherWin can we get a link to your YT channel here? Super curious to see what’s up :slight_smile:


What’s up guys!?

Very excited to have this forum open up so we can all nerd out together over Wizards Unite theories and awesomeness! I’m Mike, one half of the Nashville-based youtube channel The Wizards’ Guide (check us out! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8OP90FQUCa-30uBHeovsvg). We are devoted to covering Wizards Unite as we near closer to its release…But we try to do it in a fun, unique way as we bring you along on our family’s adventures. :slight_smile: The other half of the channel, Brittany, will probably be creating an account here as well.

I’m a Hufflepuff but consider myself partly Gryffindor…My family, sci-fi/fantasy, video games, coffee and fantasy football are life.

Very happy to be a part of this community and can’t wait to have our hands on WU!


Hi there!

So here’s a little assortment of random facts about me: I’m Veritarix, your average German witch! 21 years old. My loyalties belong to Slytherin :snake: and I’ve been an avid potterhead since basically forever. I’ve enjoyed being part of the wizarding communities for quite a while now and am super hyped to see how this one turns out :woman_mage:. My patronus is a brown bear. I spend most of my time studying at university, though I’ve also been known to spend some time on the quidditch field and I’ve been called a walking potter encyclopedia more times than I can count.

I can’t wait to see what adventures WU will bring!


My YT page is found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2DujyYJm8aLDQShw3mWWPg


BedelTheBard here. Proud Slytherin, and I have been writing for Go Hub since February 2018. I am as excited as the rest of you for this game, and I can’t wait to see where this goes! :slight_smile:


Wow! Getting overrun with Slytherin! :snake::eyes:

Welcome all!


Hi y’all, my name is Lynette and I’m happy to be part of this community! Ravenclaw here, fellow coffee & craft beer lover (mostly IPAs but am getting into sours lately), and a new-ish YouTuber: https://www.youtube.com/WizardPhD

I am currently in the Tucson, AZ area, so many of my vlogs are in the desert (but I also travel a bit!). Eagerly waiting for WU to launch for some magical adventures!


Bonjour, y’all! My name is Brita, pronounced bree-tuh. I’m a total Ravenclaw, but I’m also a lot like Hermione, so I do own some Gryffindor clothing. I drink copious amounts of hot tea, and I love a good glass of wine.

I juggle my working time among multiple part-time roles:

  • blogger
  • social media influencer
  • freelance writer
  • housewife
  • PR Specialist for Kappa Kappa Gamma
  • manager of Crohn’s Disease

I’ve recently added YouTuber (WUTuber) and editor of Wizards Unite Hub to that collection of roles.

Having a chronic illness takes a lot out of me, but I’m fortunate that my husband’s job can support both of us so I can focus on improving my health. We live in rural Georgia, an hour or so outside Atlanta. While I might complain about the challenges of playing Pokémon GO in the middle of nowhere, it’s truly a beautiful area.

My husband and I love to travel. This year we’ve been to Florida, Japan, and Colorado, plus we’re about to go to California. We also frequently visit Ohio and South Carolina to see family, and we take weekend trips around Georgia to visit other cities. Playing Pokémon GO has been such a novel way to explore new cities. We’ve found incredible public art through this game, in areas we never would have sought out otherwise. I imagine Wizards Unite will be just as exciting during our travels.

Belle Brita is my pink travel & lifestyle blog. You can find all my social links there too.

Witches Unite is my pink Harry Potter YouTube channel. You can find those social links there too.

Finally, you can read all my articles on WU Hub!


Top of the morning! I go by my last name which is Wolfe and I am up and coming to the wizarding world! I was raised in a bible-belt house hold where Harry Potter in my childhood and teenage years were “That’s the devils work”. Now, at 25 and two kiddos later and remembering about missing out on this whole experience, am getting into Harry Potter. I’m currently finishing up book two and trying to figure out all of this. It’s all very exciting!

I believe from what Pottermore told me, I am in the house of Gryffindor :lion: . My other half is a Hufflepuff :hedgehog: (theres no badger so I think Hedgehog will do) and knows all things Harry Potter. (Her and her family, so you could imagine their reactions with them all finding out I don’t know a single thing about J.K.Rowling) I currently have a full time job and just finishing up a lot of Twitch Streaming. After 2 years of streaming live for people on certain games I enjoyed to play, I am now looking into getting into YouTube! I am thankful to have a community of friends with their knowledge and expertise in almost everything pertaining to YouTube. I am set to try and become a good WUTuber and would love some negative-specific and/or positive-specific feedback on upcoming videos as well!

Of course like everybody else in here, I love coffee. Without that I wouldn’t be able to pull out 18-20 hour days sometimes! I love breathing in nature, anime, Gaming, coding, and seeing my small pack of a family grow in a healthy environment. I am a current resident of Lexington Kentucky (Go Cats!) and will travel often to my home state of Ohio. I love meeting new people and I don’t mind spending part of my day chatting it up to learn more about the world through your eyes and am eager to see the wizarding world of J.K.Rowling’s books and Niantic’s Game come to life!


I am Cameron. I am 28 and A proud Horned Serpent!

I am located in southwest Michigan, a craft beer lover (sours are the best). I read a lot, and am always sure to read through the harry potter books at least twice a year. I was apart of ingress beta and PoGo.

Professionally I am a Registered Behavior Technician and work with clients who have autism.

Unprofessionally I am the Ranger for Michigan and Ohio on The Silph Road and have been a member of the silph road since its founding Jan 2016 , and founder of Michiana - Play on, Game on .

I am excited about wizard unite and have already been working on building my local wu community.


Hi wizards and witches, and the few muggles here. We started the SA (South African) portal for all things wizards unite related. We have quite a large group of dedicated hardcore Rowling fans here. We also play Pokemon GO in a 75 odd member group. We hope to contribute greatly to this forum and the fans all over


Hello and welcome @WizardsUniteSA @MajesticWolfe @cameronsivley! :slight_smile: Great to see some new faces here!




Awesome! I lived in Lansing for 5 years before moving to Tucson. For sure living in Michigan really upped my craft beer explorations :slight_smile:


What’s up witches and wizards!

I am so excites to be apart of this community! I have been lurking on WUHub for a while and now decided to finally introduce my self. I’m Jenessa Black! I can’t wait to get out there and play wizard unite and meet more potter heads! I still consider myself a hufflepuff but on the pottermore site I am a Gryffindor. So I decided I am a gryffinpuff or huffledor. :sweat_smile:


Hey Jenessa! Glad to have you on board :slight_smile:


Hey guys and girls I am Josh and my gaming name is Battlecub. I am a very proud Slytherin who lives in the UK. I would like to be able to help with the forum in any way I can


Hay Battlecub! Welcome!