Let's name the forum together!


Right, so right now, the forum is called “Wizards Unite Forum”, which is really mouthful and not really cool. Do we have any ideas how should we call it, something cooler than WU Forum? :slight_smile:

Forum change log [17/09/2018]

I was thinking of maybe Hogwarts Grimoire of WU or maybe The WUtang Hub haha :rofl: kidding. I’m not the best at these kind of things.


International Confederation of Wizards
It’s longer than Wizards Unite Forum but is a fitting name. Maybe it could be shortened to ICWU or InConWU for International Confederation of Wizards Unite.

Or maybe we can create our own lexicon with the International Forum of Wizards Unite or the IFWU for short. Or maybe InFoWU to play on the forum being a source of info for WU.


Interesting, but it is a bit lengthy, although it definitely does set the tone right. What about Floo Network? Or something two-word(y)?



That will give the idea that this is where you can get anything wizardly, and it is true of course


Accepted, as long as a better name doesn’t come around!


I like Wizard Central! Saw it in my email tonight was like, yeah!!!


League of Witchcraft and Wizardry
LOW for short i guess :blush:


Wizarding Elite
What do you think?