Hogwarts houses or Wizarding schools as Wizards Unite factions?


As we all know, all Niantic games feature a faction system that fuels the conflict between players. Ingress has Enlightened and Resistance and Pokemon GO has three teams, which leads us to believe that Wizards Unite will also feature a faction system.

However, as it’s a worldwide game, having Hogwarts houses as factions is rather weird, as J.K. Rowling clearly outlined which wizarding school governs over which part of the world. The 8 schools are:

  1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Scotland)
  2. Beauxbatons Academy of Magic (France)
  3. Castelobruxo (Central Brazil)
  4. Durmstrang Institute (Northern Europe)
  5. Ilvermorny (Eastern North America)
  6. Mahoutokoro School of Magic (Japan)
  7. Uagadou School of Magic (Uganda)
  8. Koldovstoretz (Russia) – Not on the map

Map (small, click here for big version):

The school placement roughly covers the majority of the world, with the exception of Australia and central Asia. Europe has too many schools and the number of schools is also pretty high, which leads us to believe that the schools are not ideal for a faction system. I guess most players will only recognize the schools that took place in the Triwizard tournament, especially if they didn’t read Pottermore, so it seems like they will be out of the question.

On the other hand, the four Hogwarts houses are iconic, but they are strictly tied into Hogwarts and some of them have a bad reputation (Slytherin) on the merit of plot and characters.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Schools, houses, or something else?


I love the idea of schools based across the countries. It’s definitly more unifying but also, like you said, a lot of people will want the iconic schools that they’re used to.
To be honest, I hope they actually incorporate all of them and have perks in each house that can even pull you away from the four iconic houses. It would be great to have less turmoil towards slitherin and more curiosity for schools a lot of people (like myself actually) don’t know anything about yet!


I also think that because Harry Potter isn’t the only series, they would want to lay out the ground work now then later in terms of fantastic beasts series as well. It’s something I truly believe will tie in more beasts and monsters to fight as well.


@MajesticWolfe that is all correct, but to think about it for a second. There is a change that they might not even implement a sort of housing system. Due to all the vast possibilities they might give the players the opportunity to create their own factions.


I love the idea of incorporating all the different schools around the world, but I think it might be a bit counterintuitive to have too many factions, especially if they were some sort of region-locked requirement and not something one could choose. I honestly doubt they will abandon the old Hogwarts houses approach either way, because a huge part of what fans have always wanted is be sorted into those houses.
What I could see happening though is some sort of individual achievements for places (countries) one has visited where there exists a wizarding school - as a sort of collectible.


I hope not. Although you definitely have a good point about even implementing a sort of housing system, I fear that being able to create your own faction would impose people making second and third accounts to boost the factions to a much higher one faction.

I love that @Veritarix I think that, as an achievement hunter, being able to get something by traveling and exploring a bit more than usual would be a great accomplishment.

I would like to see possibly all of those schools that @wizardsunitehub stated in the beginning and could have them placed in the number 1 state -> city of those countries (Or part of those countries) so that if you wanted to be called a visitor ‘temporary wizard student’ of that school, you would have to visit that location. By going to that location, I think it would be cool to have people gain a small perk of those locations like per say:

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry gains a specific ability of defense against the dark arts
Beauxbatons academy of magic gains a specific ability of a specific potion creation
Castlebruxo gains a specific ability for transformation abilities
etc etc etc.

That way, its not something SUPER big but its kind of your way of saying you have “traveled the world and gained the knowledge of magic globally and seen how other schools have their little unique perks”


The idea of 4 houses as Factions is too easy. It would be too much, the most people would join Gryffindoor/Slitherin. Players from Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff would be disadvantaged.
I think we dont have to join a faction. Experienced players can establish guilds an can intive their Friends and other Players.
What about that?


The school are better tho. But if so, Hogwarts is the most crowded school. And in each school they will be houses
I think four house system (Griffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflebuff) is a good option


Actually, what I care most is the free choice (using the Pottermore test as indication) of the corporeal patronus’ shape and the possibility to cast the spell whenever and wherever you want (just imagine to conjure your patronus before falling asleep)!!
I suppose there will be hundreds of animals (we’re talking about the same company that created hundreds of Pokemon) but I hope that the graphic will be way better than the one applied to Pokemon go because this time we are not in a cartoon, we are in the reality! :wink:


Yea, i hope they did the same thing to Hogwarts Mystery :slight_smile:


I don’t care about Hogwarts Mystery. Personally, if I have to shape the story of myself set in the Wizarding World I prefer to play an Open-World RPG where you have a complete control of your character. Hogwarts Mystery is a non-sense story driven game.


Realism should be a key element.


I couldn’t be more realistic