Hidden details about Wizards Unite releases!


Hey guys,
the following is probably the most likely idea that Niantic has about WU, and it was brilliantly hidden inside the latest updates:

The storyline of the Wizards Unite 2019 release is not about protecting the Wizarding World from Muggles. That one could be just the storyline of the Beta release!
Why? Because of the following analogies:

  • Statute of Secrecy = Niantic & Warner Bros
  • Enlist Wizards and Witches to search and contain the chaotic magic = Register (on site) beta testers to search and fix the bugs (usually chaotically distributed).


It is more than a speculation if I say that the complete 2019 game will have another storyline and that we’ll be able to play the beta version soon (possibly this year)!



Another noteworthy detail:
in the official website (www.harrypotterwizardsunite.com) there’s no trace of 2019. It means that the actual version of the site has been built only for Beta purpose :wink: