Forum change log [17/09/2018]


Morning everyone! It’s now 7 AM in Croatia, and I’ve been working on a bundle of updates to the forum since 5 AM, so pardon any grammar errors and typos… Without further ado, here’s what’s new:

  • Renamed forum to Wizards Central, as discussed here
  • Staff members can now add notes to each user, making it easier to highlight outstanding community members and track offenders internally
  • You can now use Mathjax and display formulas on the forum posts, using the new $$ syntax:
a+b = 12; \\ a = 3; \\ b = ?; \\ // Solve \ using \ brain \ power
  • As you can see, we’re still learning the syntax. It’s not as easy as it looks.
  • You can now login to the forum using Facebook, Twitter and Discord
  • A sitemap plugin was added to help Google and other search engines discover this hidden oasis
  • The forum will display a :birthday: emoji next to your beloved name on your birthday and anniversary of joining the forum
  • A new, extra hot, plugin allows users to mark specific replies as “selected answer”, which will prove itself useful once we actually get some Q&As going on the forums
  • Discourse engine was updated to a new version
  • Several lax security features were turned off in favor of new security standards we’re enforcing: no more HTTP logins, no more spam bots knocking at our doors. Installed a new gate keeper.


I see FB and twitter but don’t see Discord.


This is how my forum Log in screen looks like


Ok i see that. I was looking to link my discord with my account. This is what i see in the settings options