[Discussion] Will Wizards Unite be better for rural players?


Will rural players get more chance with HPWU than with other Niantic Games?. Allot more people know about Harry Potter in all the parts of the world, which mean the game will be played by allot more people.
The current dilemma is the availability of communities and game resources.


POGO is the current problem where there is massive areas where there is almost no PokeStops or Gyms. In my area we have exactly 8x Stops and 4x Gyms in a 20km radius. There is even areas with less than this.

“Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.”

― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Let us hope :crossed_fingers:Niantic and the other players will heed this words also. As the latest Stop Submission Beta is out.


Unfortunately, this is an old discussion / debate, at least the part that deals with the in-game map. All Niantics games run on top of the same “Real World” platform, aka the same database of Portals. Particular regions of the world are simply not well populated, due to historically low interest in Ingress.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Niantic doesn’t have much to do with the state of the in-game map. Players submit, players approve (via OPR) and players report inappropriate locations. From that end, no, the situation probably won’t be better for rural players as far as the in-game map is concerned.

However, we have no idea which mechanics Wizards Unite will have, nor do we know how will the in-game spawns / events / system work. Maybe the fact someone plays in a rural area won’t make any difference, maybe a system similar to the Floo Network will be implemented, who knows…


Exactly. @WizardsUniteSA however there is hope. Niantic has announced they will be testing portal/stop/gym submissions in Pokemon go. This should increase then number and locations of points of intrests (POI) for all games that use niantis resources. Assuming that WU will use the POI system (why else team up with niantic) they should have those added points. That said rural players will still have fewer POI than a city. However again we won’t know what that means until it is announced how the POI system will be used.


Let us hope for the best!! But anyway it is good exercise walking around! If by any chance there will be a floo network, the game would be really interesting